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Nepali calendar is based on Bikram Sambat, founded by the emperor Vikramaditya roughly around 56 BCE. Unlike Gregorian Calendar, which is based on the solar cycle, Bikram Sambat is based on lunar cycle. In Nepal, the calendar begins in the mid-April and marks the start of the solar new year. Bikram Sambat is approximately 56.7 years ahead of the Gregorian calendar. Besides Nepal, Bikram Sambat is also used as official calendar in some part of India, Bangladesh and Thailand among others. [read more]

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  • Supply & Delivery of 5 kVA Diesel Generator Sets
  • Thu, 29 Mar 2012 12:23 GMT

  • 11 Nos. of 5 kVA Diesel Generator Sets have been successfully delivered to the Department of Land Information & Archive. These gensets are being transferred all across the country for the better functioning of the department by offseting the Electricity Load-shedding hours.
  • Technical Specifications for 5 kVA Diesel Generator Sets
    Revolving field type 2 poles generator
    Voltage Regulator
    Capacitance & AVR
    AC Frequency (Hz)
    AC Output Voltage
    Max AC Output (kW)
    DC Output (V/A)
    Engine Model
    Engine Type
    Single cylinder. Air-cooled, 4-stroke vertical
    Starting System
    Electric Start
  • Installation of 15 kVA Generator Set - Part II
  • Wed, 29 Feb 2012 5:23:10 GMT

  • Rudra International has successfully completed the Delivery and Installation of 15 kVA Diesel Generator Set at Nepal Television's Repeater Transmission Station located at Bangnash VDC near Tansen of Palpa District. The newly constructed tower & BTS Station was build after the bombing of the previous tower at close-by Srinagar Hill by armed Maoist during the insurgency period.
  • Installation of 15 kVA Generator Set - Part I
  • Fri, 24 Feb 2012 7:38:30 GMT

  • Nepal Television's Repeater Transmission Station located at Budhitola of Kailali District is one 19 such stations operating around the country. Located at the height of around 1250m, Budhitola Station covers most of the lower far-western region of Nepal and some areas of India across the border. Rudra International, in a bid to maintain continuous transmission of national broadcasting around the region, has successfully delivered and installed a 15 kVA Diesel Generator set at the Budhitola Transmission Station just in time for the inauguration of the Sixth National Games taking place at Dhangadhi stadium.
  • Happy New Year 2012
  • Sun, 01 Jan 2012 5:08:30 GMT
  • We would like to wish our associates, friends and well wishers a very happy and prosperous New Year. We are looking forward to making new acquaintances and strengthening the old ones in the year 2012.
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