PPinggao Group Co., Ltd.

Pingdingshan City, He nan Province, P. R. China

Pinggao Group High Voltage Switchgear Co., Ltd. is a large-scale state-owned enterprise specializing in development and production of switchgear, especially high and ultra-high voltage switchgears. Its main products covers SF6 circuit breaker (CB), GIS (SF6 gas insulated switchgear), disconnector (DS) and mid-voltage switchgear.

ZZhedong High & Medium Pressure Valve Co., Ltd.

Dongou Industrial Zone Oubei, Wenzhou, Zhejiang, China

Established in 2005, with the 35,000 sq.m occupied land and 28,000 sq.m building area, they have 100 million registered capital and the registered brand "PANS". Their main products consist of various high, middle and low temperature and pressure valves such as power station gate valve, globe valve, class power station power check valve, ball valve, stopcock, bellows check valve, plunger valve, and other conduit fittings.


Wendenstrasse 133-135, 20537 Hamburg, Germany

With almost 200 years of experience, LESER ranks among the pioneers of mechanical engineering in Germany. The company started in Germany in 1818 as a brass foundry and developed a product portfolio of components of mechanical equipment and machines during the "industrial revolution".


Munich, Germany

BAUER supplies a complete range of medium and high pressure compressors for air and gas as well as components. These compressors are used in diving, for fire brigades, in medicine and in research as well as in a wide variety of industry sectors, such as power stations, testing equipment, gas recovery, seismology and the processing of plastics.