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Microtex Energy Pvt Ltd.

42 & 43, 2nd Main, 2nd Phase, Peenya Industrial Area, Bengaluru - 560 058, Karnataka, India

Microtex Energy Private Limited Bangalore established in 1969, manufactures High Quality Industrial batteries and battery components like PVC separators. Microtex is a major supplier of separators to the domestic manufacturers of batteries.
Microtex caters to the needs of demanding customers like Nuclear Facilities and Power Generating Stations. Microtex Industrial batteries are available in a wide basket of products like; Traction Power Batteries for Forklifts and Materials Handling Equipment, VRLA AGM Batteries for Telecommunications, Network Power, Large UPS for Datacenters and Solar applications VRLA Tubular Gel Batteries for Maintenance Free Deep Cyclic Applications OPzS cells for Nuclear Facilities, Off Shore, Power Generation and Sub Stations OPzV Tubular Gel cells for Solar and Renewable Energy Railway Batteries for Signaling,Train Lighting & AC, Diesel Loco Starter applications.