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Hydro Power


Renewable Energy Nepal is a small landlocked country situated inbetween India and China. Amazingly eight of the top fourteen moutain peaks in the world fall within this small Himalayan nation. As a result, Nepal has the second richest water resource in the world falling just behind Brazil. About 6,000 rivers of Nepal has an average run-off of about 225 billion cubic meters. With such tremendous amount of natural resource flowing through the country, there is an estimated hydro-electric potential of 83,000 MW of which 44,000 MW can be economically harnesssed. So far less than 1% (300 MW) of the total potential energy has been harnessed.

Potential Hydropower Projects

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Districts with Hydro Power ProspectsKathmandu

Last updated on Oct 2009

Rudra in Hydropower

Rudra International has consistently faciliated existing Hydro Power Stations with latest machineries, parts and equipments from world class manufacturers and is looking forward to aid future projects in their development & maintenance as well.
We are backed up by people with over three decades of experience in the energy sector of Nepal. Nepal Electricity Authority, the government owned body which is the key player in power sector of Nepal, is our major client.

List of products we have recently supplied to various Hydro Power Stations and Sub-Stations: