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विक्रम संवत् २०७९, ज्येष्ठ १२ गते बिहीवार वि सं २०७९, ज्येष्ठ १२ गते

Happy New Year 2011

  • Sat, 1 Jan 2011 05:45:15 GMT

  • We would like to wish our associates, friends and well wishers a very happy and prosperous New Year. Year 2011 is also celebrated as Tourism Year in Nepal. Please Visit Nepal for further information.

Happy Vijaya Dashami 2067

  • Tue, 8 Oct 2010 04:22:10 GMT

  • We would like to wish our associates and friends happiness and prosperity this festival season.

Restoration Work At Panauti HPS - Part II(b)

  • Tue, 7 Sep 2010 07:15:20 GMT

  • Our Engineers have successfully tested and installed Float cum Boost Battery Charger for the battery bank at Panauti Hydro Power Station.
  • Technical Specifications for Float cum Boost Battery Charger
    Microprocessor Control, Float cum Boost charger
    Applicable Standard
    IEC 60623 or IP 31
    AC Input
    3 Phase, 415VAC ±10%
    AC Input Frequency
    50Hz ± 6%
    DC Output
    Voltage 110 V Nominal; Current 200A
    Float Charge
    Adjustable 75% to 125%
    High Rate Charge
    Adjustable 75% to 135%
    Current Limit
    Adjustable 0% to 100%
    Voltage Regulation
    Static ±1%
    Dynamic ±5% Recovary 70 ms to 250ms
    Current Regulation
    ±1% at current limit
    Charge Characteristics
    Constant Current/Constant Voltage IU as per IEC 478-1
    Dielectric Strength
    2000VAC/1 minute input/output to ground
    Insulation Resistance
    10 Mohm 500 VDC input/output to ground
    Ripple Voltage
    Charging Rating 2.5% rms Typical 5% rms Max Battery
    AC and Dc Voltage Surge Suppression
    Slow Start Function
    Short Circuit Proof
    Current Limit at 100% Inom
    Internal DC Fuses
    AC Input MCB
    DC Output Fuse
    Basic System Specification and Configuration
    System Configuration Consists of Basic
    Microprocessor Rectifier
    MCB-AC Input
    MCB-DC Output
    Battery Fuses
    Display LCD
    Bright 2 line Dot Matrix 16 character display with back light
    system parameters :-
    Measured and Calculated
    Charging Mode – Status and elapsed time
    Alarm Massages
    Massage while settling alarm or system parameters
    Metering LCD
    AC Main Voltage
    Rectifier DC Output Voltage
    Rectifier DC Output Current
    Load DC Voltage
    Load DC Current
    Battery Current
    Accuracy LCD
    Voltage 1.5%
    Current 1.5%
    20 Status Indicators Panel Two bright LED's on the front below LCD screen
    Red LED Fault
    Green LED System OK
    21 Display Control Panel Three Menu Driven Membrane
    Switches/Keys below LCD screen
    22 System Control Rectifier on/off by MCB located inside the rectifier
    Constant Voltage Charging with user selectable limit for
    Float and High rate
    Adjustable Current Limit Setting
    Alarm Reset – Local
    Manual Voltage and Current Adjustment
    Auto/Manual High Rate Charge
    Auto Switching to High Rate Charge
    Auto Switching to High Rate after battery discharge
    Auto Switching back to Float battery is fully charged at
    High Rate
    High Rate Charge can be activated manually at any time.
    23 Temperature Operational 0 to +40 Deg C
    40 to 55 Deg C Derate output current by 1.25% per Deg C
    above 40
    24 Acoustic Noise 45-65 dBA
    25 Cable Entry Bottom
    26 Ventilation Forced Fan Cooling
    27 Access Front
    28 Color RAL 7035 Light Grey
    29 Door/Side Panels 1.5mm sheet steel epoxy powder spray coated

Restoration Work At Panauti HPS - Part II(a)