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Rudra International strives to equip and facilitate with consistent evaluation of product quality through persistent effort, creating greater value for our client's investment and serve the community and the nation in whole with better than expected return.



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Rudra International is a privately owned company situated in Kathmandu, Nepal. The company was conceived by statutory merger with Yeeyashu International (estd. 2003). Since its inception, Rudra International has been acting as importer, supplier and representing agent for offshore manufacturers. Focused mostly in hydro-power and energy industry, we have serviced and supplied machineries and parts to various state owned Power Generation Houses and Sub Stations. We believe that energy is the thread that interlinks economic prosperity and social equity and in doing what we do, we are providing with valuable contribution to the development of the society and the nation as whole by acting as impetus for the country to reach its (energy) potential.


Besides hydro-power, Rudra International is always looking to expand into other sectors as well. In the industry, our name is synonymous with quality assurance. Over the years we have acquired impressive clientele and expanded trading networks all over the world. With the dedication, experience and motivation of our staff along with the support from our associates and clients, we are always working towards achieving better than expected return.

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Completion of contracts with Attariya Grid

[Fri, 22 Sep 2017 21:30:10 GMT]

We have successfully executed the following contractual agreements with Nepal Electricity Authority, Grid Operation Department, Attariya Grid Branch, Aatariya, Kailali:

  • Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 110V, 300 Ah Battery Bank at Lamki Substation [AGB-073/74-SQ-02]
  • Supply, Delivery, Installation, Testing & Commissioning of 48V, 300 Ah Battery Bank at Lamki Substation [AGB-073/74-SQ-03]